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Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher Comes To Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Episode 2

The Episode 2 of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint was scheduled to release on March 24. On the same date, the developers of the game have announced the launch of the update 2.0. At 9 AM yesterday, the game went offline to give its users the possibility to download the upgrade. After the upgrade finished downloading, the gamers can enjoy Episode 2 and its plot twists. Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher comes to the new episode of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

The second episode brings to its fans the most significant update of all times. The story showed this time is called “Deep State.” The action in the game includes eight different storylines with missions. During this episode, players create a team with Sam Fisher, who will contribute to their success with various pieces of advice. Sam Fisher is the rebuilt character from Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Episode 2 brings the Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher Character

The central plot of the episode is discovering the drones controlled by the mind, and their mission is to stop the development of this on Aurora. Several new elements are introduced to make the dynamics more accurate and real. Additionally, cinematic voice effects are being added to the game featuring the voice of Michael Ironside.

This episode is available at the moment only for gamers that have already purchased a one year pass. Developers say that in a short time, they will guarantee access to other players for free as well as a method of getting promoted. The online users will only be able to try out the first mission to get a glimpse of the inner workings of the game.

Moreover, multiplayer is possible as well if one of the team members owns the Splinter Cell expansion. Additional features being added include the introduction of two new characters, as well as new tools and different upgrades for them. In addition to this, users get to choose between using the gear level or experiencing a more realistic loot system.



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