Starbreeze Announces Payday 3 and Possible Release Window

Starbreeze has been though a few problems, but the renowned video games developer and publisher have released a new announcement that has the potential to make many Payday fans happy.

The enterprise, which has been on the brink of bankruptcy, has managed to secure new founds, and it will publish new titles, among which we can count Payday 3, the anticipated sequel to one of the most popular cooperative video games of the decade.

According to a press release of the company was divided into two smaller divisions, Novel Starbreeze Publishing AB and Novel Starbreeze Studios AB. IP rights have been transferred to the first of these companies, who will handle the cash flow and acquisition of new property in the future.

Payday and Payday 2 were well-received by the fans, receiving positive reviews from critics and players alike. One its strongest points how the way in which the four-player co-op gameplay mechanics have been implemented. Players will select missions from a central hub and an automated matchmaking system will create the party. Aspects like the position of the safe, guards, and cameras are always randomized to keep the experience fresh.

However, nothing is perfect and some reviewers complained that Payday 2 is a great but flawed title. Player immersion was compromised by some factors, among which we can count generic and repeating civilian models, invisible walls, and shoddy collision detection. The sound effects and gunplay reduced the impact of the less impressive traits, and many players continue to enjoy the title even today.

Revenue earned from the two Payday games, ton the development and of other titles, but they didn’t manage to reach the same successor, and some were quite bad. An abundance of cosmetic microtransactions for Payday 2 disappointed some fans.

Payday 3 has that for quite a while, but it remains to be seen of Starbreeze will manage to publish the title. It is estimated that it should be available by 2022 or 2023.

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