State Of Survival Update 1.9.10 Includes New Quality-Of-Life Changes

Strategy games have been a hit among players for years since they offer a tactical experience that encourages the use of smart strategies to overcome the challenges that can be encountered.

While most strategy titles seem to be focused on a medieval or fantasy setting, State of Survival proposes a fascinating take on a post-apocalyptic world. The governments of the world have fallen in the aftermath of a vicious pandemic during which a malicious virus turned people into mindless zombies that attack everything on sight.

Accept the challenge

As the zombie virus spread across the world, only a few survivors remain. Become a brave hero and star your first settlement as you attempt to find more survivors before the virus will find them. Collect resources to improve your blooming settlement, upgrade your troops, and try to survive.

Rescue survivors and bring them to your settlement. They will become fighters that will lend a hand in the battle against the never-ending zombie hoards. Some of the survivors can have special abilities that will offer an edge during battles. No one should be left behind!

Fight the virus

As the zombie virus continues to spread, research is essential to prevent dire consequences as players can unlock new tools and equipment for their base and high-power troops, which are better in battle as they are more resistant and deal an increased amount of damage.

The Wilderness is home to other settlements run by players, and one can choose to plunder their bases for resources or join an alliance to become stronger together as you clash against massive zombie waves.

The 1.9.10 update comes with several quality-of-life changes as players will receive a free 24-hours Peace Flare before the War Stage starts. Attacking settlements which three levels or more below your current level will not offer any rewards. New items are available in the State Warfare Store.

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