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Streets Of Rage 4 – How To Fight Enemies Efficiently

Streets of Rage 4 is a game with notable duality: It’s both a reminder of the franchise’s past, but it’s also an enjoyable sequel, as well. The players are dropped back on the casual streets of Wood Oake City and have to fight new foes, aside from the standard, classic enemies.

There are a few new punchable faces, but some require more tactics than others, so here are some ways to improve the way you deal with them.


Donovans are extremely set on the concept of the “no-fly zone,” which means that they tend to knock players out with a powerful uppercut.

Also, they enjoy carrying weapons. As you progress through the game, they get the ability to catch a thrown weapon and then throw it back.

To have a chance to win when fighting them, avoid jump attacks since they are very good at counter-attacking them.

You can also attack them from an angle or use a long weapon, but make sure you attack first.

Big Ben (Bongo)

Big Ben is an older foe in the franchise, and one of the more annoying ones.

He is a rare enemy type and is known for his increased strength.

However, dealing with him is not that complicated. He becomes dangerous only when you are too busy paying attention to trash mobs instead of focusing on him.

He broadcasts his incoming attacks as he will lean back before charging, and others will crouch, which is a sign that you should take care of.

You only need to stay away from them and be patient with your hits.

Nora And Electra

Noras and Electras have the same appearance but deal with different attack damage.

Both use a whip as a mid-range weapon.

Nora will deal with regular damage, but Electra charges the whip with electricity, which makes it more effective against you.

To get rid of them quickly, wait for them to reach back before they start swinging the whip. After the attack animation finishes, it’s time for you to start throwing fists

After that, it’s all rinse and repeat.



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