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Subway Surfers 2.6.0 Update Takes Players To Bali

The ability to play games while traveling or relaxing on comfortable furniture is one of the best features offered by a smartphone, especially when you can enjoy a little bit of entertainment in quick bursts.

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular mobile games in the world , with the title being downloaded by millions of people. It offers a fun and fast gameplay experience as well as lots of collectible items that keep users engaged and entertained.

Run as fast as you can

The game features likable graphics and it will run great even on older devices as it is not really demanding, which is a great boon since it doesn’t consume a large amount of battery. This makes it a great choice for some quick runs to spend some time.

Hit the start button to begin a fresh run as your character will run across a subway track, dodging trains, and collecting power-ups that will offer offer an advantage. Players can swipe their fingers left or right to move the character in the desired direction as well as up and down to jump over or slide under specific obstacles.

Exciting power-ups

Keep an eye on the tracks to spot and collect several power-ups, including super sneakers, which help you to run faster, a magnet that attracts all the coins which are visible on the screen, jump boosters, score multipliers, and mystery boxes. The power-ups will last for a limited amount of time, so make the most out of them.

There are lots of characters and skins which can be collected, and each character comes with their own skill that makes them better at something.

The 2.6.0 update takes players to the lush Jungles of Bali and includes a new skin for Mei as well as a special event and a sale.



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