Super Status Bar Update 2.7.0 Brings New Convenience Option

Many smartphone owners interact with the status bar of their devices on a daily basis as they check notifications, enable or disable functions, or merely check the battery level. Most status bar implementation lacks personalization options, but there is a great solution.

Super Status Bar is an excellent app that will revamp the way in which the status bar looks and works on your device. It comes with a myriad of personalization options and quality-of-life features that will enhance your user experience and made the app even better.

Convenient shortcuts

Gain access to smart and convenient shortcuts that are quite handy as you can adjust the brightness of the screen and volume of the device by swiping your finger across the status bar. You can adjust individual volumes for the ring, voice call, and media content without the need to make several gestures.

When a new notification is received, it will display along the status bar, and users can customize the when in which they look according to their wishes. Head-up style notifications can also be replaced if users wish to do so.

New functionalities

Discover and employ a large assortment of features to perform custom actions. Draw gestures directly on the status bar to perform the following: split the screen, launch apps or app shortcuts, take screenshots, access the power menu, switch between apps, and much more. Up to five actions can be paired with gestures for fast access to what you need.

Like the way in which the status bar looks on iPhones or newer Android versions? There is a rich selection of icon styles from which you can choose. An animated battery icon will let you check the battery level easily and can be fully customized.

The newest update for the app, 2.7.0, comes with the option to display ticker text under the status bar.

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