Sword Art Online: Integral Factor 1.5.6 Update Adds New Quality Of Life Features

Sword Art Online is one of the most popular franchises in the world, spanning a large number of light novels, anime series, and video games besides other media material.

Accept the challenge and relieve the story of the original Sword Art Online storyline, with you as the protagonist. Join the unforgiving world of Aincrad as a member of an Assault Team and fight hard with other players to reach the last floor of the feared tower. Do you have what it takes to reach the 100th floor?

In-depth storyline

Enter an in-depth narrative experience where you will meet some of the most iconic characters from Sword Art Online and experience the exciting story from your own point of view.  The story features some of the most popular arcs present in the light novels and anime series, but there are also new stories that offer a thrilling experience.

With the help of a fully-featured battle system, players can experience the same mechanics and skills that made the series a hit. Join Assault Teams from all over the world and wage battle against powerful monsters to earn legendary loot.

Great mechanics

Find new armor and weapons and upgrade them to become even stronger as you learn and master new and exciting skills that will give you an edge against your enemies. Keep an eye on the attack patterns used by bosses to avoid certain death.

There are lots of weapon types, each with their own skills allowing players to create deadly combos that can be used against monsters. Older items can be sold or disassembled to earn resources that can be spent on improving current items. Players who want to take a break will also enjoy the opportunity to go fishing, which can offer impressive rewards.

The 1.5.6 update comes with a new floor, a player level cap increase, new visual effects, a reworked assisting character, and much more.

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