Google Duo on Android TV: How to Install It

duo on tv

A recent leak claims that Google is getting ready to upgrade Google Duo.  The video chat mobile app was rumored to be launched on Android TV soon. Google confirmed such a thing before the rumor mill started.  According to the company’s statement, Google Duo is…

Android TV Receives New Features: Gboard Improvements, Instant Apps, and More

android tv update

Google might be working to roll out the stable Android 11 update soon, but it’s not only the company’s mobile platform getting all the attention.  Android TV 11 beta was launched earlier this year with a lot of performance improvements. Today (August 11), Google is…

Android TV Might Receive the Google Assistant Voice Match Feature

android tv

Google Assistant, one of the most praised voice assistants, can run on multiple devices. To identify the user, Google has developed the Voice Match feature on many devices such as speakers, smart displays, and more.  Recently, news about Android TV getting such a feature emerged….

Kodak Has Some Novelties — A New HD LED Android TV Will Launch in India in February

The Super Plastronics is the brand licensee from Kodak, which has big plans for the TV market. The company will launch a new TV in India next month. The official announcement of the HD LED Android TV came at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. Besides…