Find Sharky Shell in Fortnite: What Should You Know

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Fortnite Season 4 Week 9 comes with a bunch of new challenges, one of which requires us to find the Sharky Shell. The theme of the current Fortnite chapter is Marvel-related. We have witnessed a ton of Marvel Comics content, including iconic heroes and superpowers….

Fortnite New Challenge: Deal Damage Within 10 Seconds and Bounce Off an Umbrella

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The recent Fortnite challenge is intriguing yet complicated. We have to bounce off an umbrella and then deal damage within 10 seconds.  Fortnite challenges vary in terms of difficulty, with some being so easy to complete, while others are just a straight pain in the…

Fortnite’s Sharks: How to Avoid Them

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Fortnite’s map has many new stuff and secrets, but there is also the drawback of being attacked by sharks. The game’s new shark “enemies” are very annoying and can bring us huge disappointment. A Reddit user, however, has discovered a method to get around their…

Fortnite Season 4 Motorboat Challenge: Where to Ride

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One of the recent challenges in Fortnite’s Season 4 includes driving a motorboat under some steel bridges around the map.  Fortnite introduced many new challenges this week that we can go in and complete. While some of the tasks coincide with Season 4’s Marver-themed event,…