Find Sharky Shell in Fortnite: What Should You Know

fortnite FIND sharky shell

Fortnite Season 4 Week 9 comes with a bunch of new challenges, one of which requires us to find the Sharky Shell. The theme of the current Fortnite chapter is Marvel-related. We have witnessed a ton of Marvel Comics content, including iconic heroes and superpowers….

Here are All the Fortnite Season 4 Week 8 Challenges

fortnite season 4 week 8 challenges

Fortnite welcomed another set of challenges once with the arrival of Week 8.  The Fortnite Season 4 Week 8 brand-new challenges are not that intriguing, but they’ll sure be fun. They bring players closer to the end of the Battle Pass and the so much-awaited…

Fortnite Challenges Players to Destroy Cobwebs: Where to Find Them

how to

This week Fortnite brings new challenges, and one of them is to destroy some cobwebs at The Authority.  Fortnite Season 4 Week 7 comes with brand-new challenges that are now available. We get extra chances to earn XP and make some progress.  While some of…

Fortnite Will Bring Vampire Hunter Blade: What Should You Know


Epic Games released an obvious hint that the famous vampire hunter Blade might arrive in Fortnite.  The Marvel crossover with Epic Games’ Fortnite is still going on strong and is evolving weekly. The game’s current season saw the arrival of Wolverine, Storm, She-Hulk, Iron Man,…