Samsung Galaxy S20 (S11) — New Camera Details Revealed

Camera details of Samsung’s new flagship phones, the Galaxy S20, have been revealed. Samsung is going to be launching three versions of these smartphones. Cameras are an essential asset for our phone’s generation together with high performance and quality. Although Samsung phones haven’t been at…

Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy S11 Essential Details Revealed: Samsung Holds Secret CES 2020 Meetings, Talks About Its Next Galaxy Flagships

In the past few months, the Samsung Galaxy S series and foldable flagship phones have been leaked, creating a lot of hype and confusion among the public. However, we may finally stop speculating about this year’s smartphones from Samsung with a new leak from a…

Samsung Galaxy S11 Design Leaked, And It Left Us Speechless

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is one of the most anticipated flagship devices of the following year, and over the past few weeks, many leaks have surfaced, including some possibly game-changing upgrades. However, the latest leak showcases precisely what everybody wants to see: the styling of…

Galaxy S11 Was Officially Confirmed By Samsung

Finally, we have some good and official news from Samsung. The Internet is full of leaks and rumors about Samsung Galaxy S11, but now we have the confirmation that the next smartphone that will come from Samsung. The information is coming from China’s application, CCC….

Samsung is reportedly going to drastically upgrade the camera of the Galaxy S11

About one year ago, Corephotonics, the camera developer, was purchased by Samsung, and, if leaks are accurate, the Korean tech giant could finally be about to introduce some of the company’s amazing new photography hardware on the following flagship smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S11….