OnePlus Watch Got BIS Certification: Specs and Features Revealed

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OnePlus Watch is one of the much-awaited smartwatches this year, being speculated in various leaks and rumors. It’s also the first smartwatch from OnePlus. The device might arrive soon according to some teasers and leaks that have unveiled what we can expect from the smartwatch….

OnePlus 8T Features and Specs Leaked: What Should We Expect

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OnePlus is getting ready to bring a new smartphone series in the coming months. And now, the company should launch the OnePlus 8T series for the masses. A recent leak shows us an insight into the design, specs, and features of the OnePlus 8T standard…

OnePlus Nord Offers Solid Features At A Great Price

After several years of marketing its devices as affordable flagship killers, OnePlus has decided to enter the mid-range market for the first time. The first device of the new line is OnePlus Nord, which packs a mighty set of features at a great price tag….

OnePlus 8T Could Come With The Speediest Fast Charging On The Market

OnePlus eight has been a hit for the company as the popular flagship killer continues to deliver impressive at a price that is often considerably lower in comparison to the products of the competition. As in the case of previous releases, OnePlus is already working…

OnePlus Z Might Be Launched As OnePlus Nord, As Per Rumors


The budget smartphone OnePlus Z might be launched after all as OnePlus Nord, according to a recent trademark application. Going with something different such as “Nord” as opposed to “Z” would undoubtedly put the upcoming OnePlus smartphone in the spotlight. How important could be the…