This is Pokemon GO’s Mega Gengar Counter Full Guide

mega gangar counter guide

Pokemon GO’s Mega Gengar is ready to take everyone by storm! You’ve probably seen by now that the spooky Mega Evolution replaced Mega Venusaur. Such a thing means that a new Mega Evolution is waiting for us and tons of new Mega Energy to collect….

Pokemon GO’s Halloween Event 2020: Everything You Should Know

how to

Pokemon GO will welcome a spooky event soon: Halloween 2020! The much-awaited Halloween event will be available from October 23, 6 PM PDT to November 3 at 6 PM PDT. From catching tons of Pokemon ghosts, completing new research to get some cool rewards, including…

Pokemon GO and the Egg Event Challenge: What Should You Know

pokemon eggs challenge

Pokemon GO introduced recently a new limited-time event that involves some Strange Eggs and a new Special Research. The latest Team Rocket event, dubbed the Strange Egg Event, is available until October 19. Players get the chance to collect unique 12km eggs, containing valuable Pokemon…

Pokemon GO’s Decoding Porygon: All the Tasks and Rewards Unveiled

all tasks and rewards

Pokemon GO introduced Decoding Porygon, a Special Research, yesterday (September 20). The event will be available from 11 AM to 5 PM local time.  While we can enjoy enhanced Porygon spawns and a brand-new Field Research at no cost, there is also a paid Special…

Here Are the Best Pokemon GO Mega Pidgeot Counters

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If you want to get ready for the Mega Pidgeot raid, the following guide is everything you need right now. Pokemon GO will bring a new Mega Raid boss after a week of battling the Kanto-region starters. The Mega Pidgeot Battle Raids will be available…