Take-Two CEO States That Stadia Promised More Than It Could Deliver

Google Stadia was hyped as a major step in the evolution of cloud gaming, with the service being backed by one of the most popular companies in the world.

However, Google was so keen on making the device popular that made a few promises, which fueled the hype, encouraging many people to purchase promotional bundles before Stadia went live. Once the service became accessible, users encountered a large number of problems, and many complained that some of the most anticipated features were missing.

Too much hype

Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two CEO, addressed the subject of cloud gaming at a recent conference. He argued that streaming technology has the potential to improve the experience for gamers and publishers. Yet, Google launched Stadia quite slowly, and the fact that the platform didn’t manage to deliver some of the core features that were advertised disappointed a large number of prospective users, who decided to pick other cloud gaming services.

Three of the flagship titles published by the company are available on Stadia in the form of Red Dead Redemption 2 Borderlands 3 and NBA 2K20.

Expanding the user base

Take-Two plans to add more games to Stadia and other streaming platforms in the future, but only if the company is interested in the marketing and business model proposed by the service. The popularity of streaming services could grow in time as new users discover the advantages of the cloud, which offers near-instant access to video games without the need to pay for expensive hardware.

Although Stadia had a slow start, there is plenty of time to expand and attract new customers. A major advantage is represented by the fact that it has managed to secure coveted titles like Borderlands 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2, which are quite popular among gamers.

Only time will tell if the platform will be successful in the long run.

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