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TCL Rollable Smartphone Introduces The Flexible Display Concept

TCL is getting ready to reveal its first rollable smartphone. Foldable smartphones are receiving all the praise now, even if their hinge is quite the issue. TCL intends to develop a new concept for devices with a flexible display. Such a thing will be a whole lot different than the foldable smartphones.

TCL Rollable Smartphone Features and Other Details

The TCL rollable smartphone concept brings a different pattern factor. Its origin, however, is coming from the foldable design. It arrives with a tri-fold design prototype with the screen panels made by TCL-CSOT, which also produces the smart TV displays. A GSM Arena’s report details about a flexible AMOLED display enlarges sideways from under the body of the smartphone. It also retracts inside as expected by pushing a button. Most significantly, the rollable device will sport a 10-inch tablet that will collapsible to highlight a 6.65-inch phone.

TCL adds that the rolled display arrives with a 3K resolution and 20:8:9 aspect ratio. The company has purchased various hinges for the tri-fold variant dubbed the Butterfly Hinge and the DragonHinge. One of them resembles Samsung Galaxy Fold, while the other, the Huawei Mate X.

More Details on the Upcoming TCL Smartphone with Flexible Display

Such things give the smartphone the tri-fold design. When retracted, it has a 6.75-inch display and expanded, 7.8-inch. Also, it will be quite intriguing to see how the device will fully work with such a unique feature. Maybe it will be more reliable when it comes to its hinges due to TCL’s decision to introduce a motorized mechanism.

Other features comprise multitasking improvements and sleek a split-screen. Even if this information was unveiled, unfortunately, we don’t have any official statements or other announcements from TCL. The rollable smartphone’s price, for example, is probably the most discussed thing. When the phone is going to be released is still a mystery.



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