Teamfight Tactics 10.22.3410643 Update Brings New Balance Challenges

2020 is the year of the auto chess video games genre, as millions of fans have embraced it. Auto chess games offer an interesting mix between the need to collect powerful unities and the ability to work on the fly to match the strategies used by other opponents.

Riot Games take on the genre is present in the form of Teamfight Tactics. Do you have what it takes to assemble a formidable army and defeat your enemies? Teamfight Tactics will test your skills as you collect, upgrade, and position iconic Champions from League of Legends.

Prepare for battle

Teamfight Tactics: Fates brings a refreshed experience with the help of a new set that comes with great champions, Little Legends inspired by dragons, as well as interactive arenas that make the gameplay experience even more fun.

Accept the challenge and wage battle against other players with with the help of a high-value team that can fight for you and repels enemy attacks with ease. A random draft mechanic and special in-game events will ensure that the there no identifical matches as something will be different every time.

Play on the go

Teamfight Tactics can be enjoyed on your computer, laptop, mobile devices, or tablets without problems. Cross-platform support ensures that you can play on all of these devices without the need to worry about your progress, as everything is saved and synced automatically.

Showcase your might and climb to the top of the leaderboards. Work your way from Iron to Challenger and play against some of the best players in the world in the dedicated ranked mode. Play every day to stay on top and receive valuable rewards at the end of a season, and unlock new content with the free Fate Pass.

The latest update for the game, 10.22.3410643, comes with new balance changes and bug fixes.

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