Teamfight Tactics Will Arrive on Mobile Devices in March

In recent years the video games industries saw the surprise rise of some genres that were quite popular among a large number of players.

Among these popular genres, we can count military shooters, MOBAs, and hero shooters and battle royale games. When people thought that trends of this type were on the verge of disappearing, the auto chess genre took the world by storm.

The madness was sparked by the popularity of Dota Auto Chess, a popular third-party mode for Dota 2. Millions of players tried the mode, and the interest inspired many developers to create their take on the young and hot genre.

One of these developers is Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends, the most popular MOBA title in the world. Knows as Teamfight Tactics, the mode, which is available via the official League of Legends client, is a hit among players.

Teamfight Tactics Will Arrive on Mobile Devices in March

Since the release of the mode a year ago, more than 30 million players have enjoyed the experience, and many love to watch streamers who play Teamfight Tactics on Twitch and other popular platforms.

It is worth noting that Teamfight Tactics comes with specific gameplay features that are not available in the case of other auto chess games.

Players who love the mode will enjoy the ability to play the game on their device from the second half of March, according to an announcement which was made by Riot after the start of the new 2020 League of Legends season.

According to the renowned company, the upcoming Teamfight Tactics version is developed from the ground up with mobile devices in mind. The main aim is to offer an experience that feels natural on mobile devices since many mobile ports tend to provide a clunky experience that can be annoying.

It was also mentioned that Set 3 is being developed, and it will include champions who wear Pulsefire, Odyssey, Project and Star Guardian skins.

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