The Amazon Halo Fitness Band Includes Surprising Features

Smart fitness accessories have started to become more popular in recent years, attracting a large number of companies. Amazon’s first foray into the sector comes in the form of the Halo fitness brand and app, which are quite interesting.

While new fitness bands race to offer larger and brighter screens Amazon went for a completely different approach, offering a screen-less band that seems to have been inspired by popular FitBit models. A temperature sensor is present, and there is also a microphone that monitors the voice of the user.

Fitness as a service

While most companies offer fitness bands with a standard price tag and free companion apps, Amazon offers the Halo band as a part of a Halo subscription. Users will way $65 for six months during the early access period and $100 once the early acces period is over. After six months pass, there will be a monthly fee of $3.99.

The cost for the first six months includes a basic version of the Halo band. Since the accessory lacks a screen, users will have have a smartphone on them at all times if they wish to consult the data on the spot.

Unusual features

There are also some interesting features. Amazon argues that the way in which we perceive weight loss is wrong, and that body weight could be used as a valuable indicator of health. Since weight can vary on a day-to-day basis due to a variety of factors, Halo is more focused on body fat percentage, and it can use the camera of your smartphone to calculate it.

Halo can also analyze your voice to track your tone and offer more information about the way in which you sound to others, and what emotions are felt while speaking.

While Amazon jumped a bit late on the bandwagon, Halo could be popular among some uses.


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