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The Apple Watch Series 4 reached an all-time low price


The Apple Watch Series 4 has been dropping in cost steadily after the release of the Series 5. Despite the fact that the Series 4 Watches aren’t the newest model, they’re still a good investment, particularly when checking up the sales available on Amazon. 


For those who’ve been waiting to buy a Series 4 Watch, this might be the best time to get one: Amazon is equaling Best Buy’s prices of the Apple Watch Series 4 40mm ($299), 44mm ($329) and 44mm with LTE ($399), which are the lowest price tags we’ve ever seen for those models. The LTE model is especially more attractive as it features the more costly stainless steel housing instead of the common aluminum one. These costs probably won’t get any lower, and since the production of the Series 4 was halted, they could run out fast. 

Improvements over the past generations

A quick Analysis of the Series 4 watches, reveals little changes outputted a major upgrade in user experience. The beefed up processing power makes applications perform better, and the significantly more accurate heart monitoring system and pedometer make the Series 4 a better device than the Series 3. 

Additionally, an increased battery life at last solved one of the greater issues with the Apple Watch generally; numerous clients were disappointed by the constant need to charge the gadget’s battery. 

For those who fancy the latest (and marginally better) Apple Watch, Amazon is likewise discounting the stainless steel Series 5. The difference here is the always-on display of the Series 5, which users have requested for a long time. The Series 5 costs noticeably more than the 4, but a difference of only $50 or $80 off a fresh out of the box new gadget could encourage many potential buyers to go and purchase the gadget.




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