The Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android That You Should Try in 2020

A cloud storage app allows you to upload and back up the files of your Android device to an online source. It can save you precious space on your device, as well. 

Here are the best cloud storage apps that you should try this year. Remember that the best app is the one that suits your needs best.

OneDrive: The Perfect One For Microsoft Users

Microsoft has been working hard to make sure OneDrive is perfectly integrated into many of its products over the last few years. The app is a free online storage solution, primed for use with Microsoft products such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. 

OneDrive is free for limited personal use (up to 5GB of storage), and if you want to up that limit, you’ll have to pay some money. The annual package is $100, and it includes 5TB of file storage and access to Office 365 Home Edition. Or you can choose the $70/year option if you don’t need up to five users. The offer includes 1TB of storage and Office 365 Personal. 

Dropbox: The Simple One

Dropbox has been a favorite for quite a while now, despite its somewhat limited free storage of 2GB (it can be expanded by doing different tasks like following the company, leaving feedback, inviting friends, and more). 

For up to 1TB of storage space, you’ll have to pay $99/year or $9.99/month. And if you’re looking for more than that, you can choose the business plan. 

Dropbox is by no means one of the cheapest storage option available. It comes with integration with other services, a wide range of desktop apps, and a set of business-focused tools developed to make sharing files a whole lot easier. 

MediaFire: The One That Allows You to Earn Free Space

MediaFire offers you up to 50GB of free storage space. However, you’ll only get 12GB to begin, and then you’ll have to earn the rest by doing different tasks such as referrals. 

The Android app provides automatic camera backup for pictures and videos, and you can choose to preview docs and listen to music from within the app, too. You can also pick the 1TB plan, but it’ll cost you $3.75/month, or $5/year. 

Resilio Sync: The One With the Best Private Cloud

Resilio Sync allows you to use peer-to-peer tech to connect your Android devices or other servers for syncing various file types and automatic backup. The best part is that there is no file storage limit – only the one that you have available across the connected devices. 

Resilio Sync is a well-known app, free to download for device-to-device transfers. However, if you want to connect all your devices, the ability to change file permissions on the fly, or use the selective sync options, you’ll have to pay the one-time $39 for the Pro Package (lifetime access). 

Unclouded: The One That Allows You to Pay Only For the Features

Unclouded for Android allows you to pay only for the features you need. You can also choose to unlock them all for a small price. Currently, the app is the only app that has such great options. 

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