The best traits of the Xbox One: Voice Command, Biometric Recognition, And More

The PlayStation 4 may have outsold the Xbox One by an impressive amount, but this doesn’t mean that the gaming console developed by Microsoft isn’t great. Sony cemented the success of its console with the help of popular exclusive titles, but the Xbox One does come with some neat features that are quite good.

Smart voice commands

The Xbox One is always running, as it enters a low-power state when you are not playing a game or doing something else with the help o the console. It can be turned on easily by speaking the command Xbox, on. There also lots of other handy commands which offer the option to start a game, play video content, adjust the volume, and much more.

Custom home screen

If you also own a Kinect, the accessory can recognize you and load a personalized home screen automatically. This home screen includes a selection of favorite content and recent activities, including favorite games, video content, music, and apps that were used recently. A custom profile can be created for each member of the household.


In some cases, you might want to play a game and listen to your favorite music at the same time, especially if you are playing an arcade title. Or watch a show while grinding some side quests which aren’t important for the main story. The Xbox One offers the ability to have two active screens side by side, which can be quite handy when you want to multitask.

Play Xbox 360 games without losing previous progress

Many Xbox One owners know about the vast list of backward-compatible Xbox 360 titles that can be played on the current console, but some may not know that you can use your old cloud saves on the newer console.

Go to Settings/System/Storage/Cloud Saved Games on your old Xbox 360 and enable the feature. Launch the desired game and pick Cloud Saved Games as the save location. After the upload is complete you can finish the game on the Xbox One.

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