The camera of the new Galaxy S10 Lite is packing some serious power

Samsung’s next big project is nearing production in a total number of three sizes and five core variants. This might be the final Galaxy S10 derivation to reveal before the Galaxy S11 lineup is introduced to the world. Even though it might sound a bit confusing, the S10 Lite most likely won’t resemble the S10e that much, and instead it will share most of its fundamental specifications with a Samsung Galaxy A91 which also hasn’t been announced yet.

The Galaxy A91

However, as the name implies, the Galaxy A91 will probably look a lot like the current Galaxy A90 5G, but will lose the next-gen connectivity options to lower the price tag, which might prove challenging for the tech giant because both the Galaxy S10 Lite and A91 will probably be powered by the same high performance Snapdragon 855.

The cameras

The dual camera module on the back of the more affordable Galaxy S10 variant is no compromise, even though the fact that it’s lacking a third lens might make it seem so. The SM-G770F variant will utilize a 5MP depth sensor instead of the 12MP telephoto lens that’s on both the S10 and S10+ to aid the 12MP main camera and 16MP ultra-wide camera.

It is rumored that the front facing camera could see an upgrade from 8 to 12 megapixels.

Even though a higher megapixel count doesn’t always translate to an improvement in the quality of the pictures taken by the device, it’s likely to see some truly remarkable panoramic shots from the new Galaxy S10 Lite thanks to the wide-angle lens.

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