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The Coronavirus Vaccine Won’t Be A Wonder Cure

A coronavirus vaccine will be ready in the following months, but it is far from being a wonder cure that could bring a swift end to the pandemic, according to new information collected by researchers.

In an ideal scenario, the vaccine would have a 100% efficiency rate, and every person would receive a dose that would grant them immunity against COVID-19, allowing humanity to end the pandemic in a matter of weeks. However, this won’t be the case, and the pessimistic view is reinforced by statistics.

Rejecting the vaccine

According to current statistics, only 13% of Americans would be willing to be vaccinated as soon as a vaccine is ready, while 60% would prefer to wait and see if there are no adverse effects before they will get the shot. The number of people who prefer to wait has increased by 10% since August.

Many American citizens have also stated during surveys that they won’t try the first generation of vaccines, with some arguing that researchers rushed to make them as fast as possible and they may not be as safe as it is claimed, a perspective that could pave the way for a longer pandemic.

Affordable or for free

Despite the potential health risks that come with COVID-19, many are also concerned by the price of future vaccines. More than 50% expect that the vaccine should be provided for free, while others are willing to pay as long as the price is $50 or lower.

Skepticism associated with large pharmaceutical companies is also on the rise as more than 60% of the population doesn’t trust that they care about what its best for the people. These statistics are included in a large-scale coronavirus index that centralizes information collected from sociological studies and surveys related to the coronavirus in the US.

Some researchers are worried about the results, as the current trends could extend the pandemic in the long run.



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