The DualShock 4 Controller And Other Accessories Won’t Be Compatible With PS5 Games

The launch dates for the new generation of consoles are approaching at a fast pace, and Sony has revealed more information about the hotly-anticipated PS5, even though some fans might be disappointed.

Some PS4 peripherals will be compatible with upcoming PS5 games, but it seems that the DualShock 4 isn’t one of them. While this is not the case for Xbox One and Xbox Series X controllers, it seems that the changes implemented for the DualSense controller are two great for compatibility. However, older titles will work when DualShock 4 controllers are used.

Taking advantage of new technology

According to an official post on the PlayStation blog, the lack of compatibility comes to form the fact that new games should take advantage of the new features included in the DualSense wireless controller and the console itself.

The PlayStation Camera will be compatible with PS VR titles as Sony will offer a free adapter to users.  In the same vein, PS Move controllers and PS VR Aim will be compatible with VR games developed for the PS5, along with specialty peripherals like licensed racing wheels and sticks, third-party headsets connected via USB or jack, and Gold or Platinum wireless headsets.

DualSense features

It is worth noting that the DualSense controller does come with an impressive array of changes, including the drop of the iconic DualShock name. It is expected that it also be compatible with PCs, the functionality offered by the DualShock 4.

Sony underlined the fact that the new controller will offer a superior experience with the help of haptic feedback, which simulates touch can offer a feeling which is more realistic. Adaptive triggers included In the L2 and R2 buttons will also allow developers to create a more immersive experience, for example the tension felt when drawing a bow and arrow.

The PS5 and DualSense controller should be released later this year.

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