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The Elder Scrolls: Online Will Bring the Skyrim in the Annual Event

The Elder Scrolls: Online is present in our lives for six years by now. The game is trying to find its spot on the market and satisfy a lot of requirements from users. The often chapter that is suffering changes and upgrades is the content department.

The developers are always trying to offer rich content to players, and freedom for exploring the areas. Because of that, ZeniMax Online Studio will bring some expansion packs to the game that will include a northern region from The Elder Scrolls universe.

The Dark Heart of Skyrim

The official announcement of the next season was made during Bethesda’s ESO 2020 live stream. The details were revealed by Pete Hines, who is the VP of Marketing from Bethesda, and Rich Lambert, who is the creative director. They announced the new season full of content for the online game, called the Dark Heart of Skyrim. Don’t worry, the content is not as far away from us, the launch for the PC will be on May 18, and June 2 for the consoles.

Moreover, the new content will bring the area from Skyrim, loot, quest, and the region will be continually updated. What you should also know is that the events are going back 900 years so that things will be changed. You will face vampires, werewolves, and other forces, but you will also see Dragon Bridge, Morthal, and Solitude. The game has a macabre and gothic theme with an underground fortress and the home of the vampires.

More Abou the Next The Elder Scrolls: Online Season

The Dark Heart of Skyrim will receive four updates during this year. The first two updates will bring Greymoor and Harrowstorm, with which you can focus on different quests. Greymoor will have a substantial part and content in the game, while Harrowstorm will take part in the pursuit of the dungeons and against vampires. The last two updates will come at the end of 2020 and will focus on the other additional content that will give you the possibility to close this game season.

Finally, players will have the possibility to go to Blackreach to explore the area. Of course, at every update, you will receive new features, activities, and improved quality of life. If you are interested in playing the new season, the Dark Heart of Skyrim, you can also start with a new character in the area.



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