The Elusive Hunt For The Planet Beyond Pluto

Some researchers have argued for a long time that there might be an undiscovered planet in our solar system and new data mai confirm theory.  Some of the early information related to the possible planet has been uncovered by two researchers from the Carnegie Institution for Science and the Northern Arizona University.

The two researchers started to share data about Planet X in 2014, and have argued that it is likely that the planet can be found somewhere beyond Pluto, attracting a mixture of reactions from the astronomical community.

New research tool

A new survey telescope named after the renowned astronomer Vera C Rubin, who is responsible for some of the early discoveries related to the black manner, will become operational in 2022, allowing researchers to take a closer look at objects found in space and uncover new information.

The powerful survey telescope could be employed to learn more about the elusive planet, which may exist near the borders of our solar system or even provide real footage that could confirm its existence, which has been a subject of heated discussions since the first theories related to it were publicized.


It is already thought that confirmation of Planet  X’s existence could force researchers to change what we know about planetary formation since the formation of a planet at such a faraway distance from the sun cannot be justified at this point.

The distant solar system is massive, starting near the orbit of Neptune and reaching ore than 100,000 with one astronomical unit being the average distance between the Sun and Earth. Current telescopes cannot peer at such impressive distances, a fact that has hindered many of the research attempts related to Planet X, despite the best intentions of some astronomers.

Only time will tell what can be found beyond Pluto, but the chances to find something are quite promising.

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