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The EX Raid Passes Are Now Available in Pokémon GO for Regigigas

New information from Niantic is saying that the EX Raid Passes are now available for Regigigas. This announcement is available for all the passes sent starting with 9th November and later. Unfortunately, the players that received EX Raid Passes previous to 9th November will have the Mewtwo battling from now on.

As we go back in time, one month ago, the announcement from Pokemon GO stated that Regigigas would be the one that will seize the EX Raids in November and not Mewtwo. Also, the EX Raid boss from October, Shadow Ball, is taken by the Regigigas. Niantic made everything clear on its Twitter page, and there was the official announcement for the switching Mewtwo with Regigigas. Many players are upset because these changes have taken place without early notice to them.

Besides this, the group of players is divided into two groups regarding the new EX Raids. The idea is that the Mewtwo is currently one of the best from the game, so changing it for Regigigas can’t be useful. Players are saying this change is a step down; meanwhile, other players are buying Special Research ticket for accessing the Regigigas.

Moreover, because the change wasn’t announced, a lot of users have responded to Niantic’s post on Twitter. Many of them were regretting that the switch wasn’t announced early, because they would have moved on with the Shadow Ball Mewtwo EX Raid. On the other side, the optimists of the user are waiting for Crush Grip to appear. Crush Grip is the signature move for Regigigas.

To sum up, we don’t have any official announcement from Niantic about the Crush Grip, or other new changes. This is not the first time when Niantic is introducing a lot of new things in the game without announcing.



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