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The first “feature drop” for the Google Pixel implements amazing new capabilities

Even though the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL were launched only weeks ago, Google has announced today that a set of new features are going to be implemented on their Android flagships, and “the first Pixel feature drop” will be adding a big part of them.

The update will be added on Pixel 4 devices in the following weeks and it consists of three main features: The ability to add background blur to photos, Duo video calling improvements and robocall screening.

About the features

The update allows users to select any image that is stored in their Google Photos app and add a customizable amount of portrait-like background bokeh to them, thus highlighting the main subject by boosting the photo’s depth of field.

The option to add blur to photos will be automatically suggested when opening some pictures, but it can be done regardless of the photo by tapping the “edit” button and fiddling with the “blur” slider in the levels tab.

The robocall screening feature, unfortunately, is only available in the US at the moment. The service is pretty self explanatory: It screens any unknown number before it can even ring a user’s phone. If the number is labeled as a robocaller, the call will be automatically declined, but in case the caller is an actual person, the phone will “ring for a few moments later with helpful context about who is calling and why”.

Google Duo was also updated: The auto-framing feature will automatically detect users’ faces and keep them centered whenever they are in a video call, and if somebody else joins the shot, the frame will be automatically widened so that both people can fit on the screen of a device. Also, the audio and video quality of Duo calls was significantly improved.



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