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The first foldable phone from Huawei has generated about $500 million in sales

The previous month, Young Sohn, Samsung president electrified the smartphone industry when he revealed that the Korean company has sold over a million foldable Galaxy Fold units that were priced at about $2,000 a piece. Later on, Samsung indicated that the figure wasn’t accurate at all. It turned out that the actual number of sold Galaxy Fold units was somewhere between 400,000 to 500,000, meaning that the foldable device returned a revenue of approximately $1 billion for the tech giant.

Huawei vs Samsung

The main rival of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is the Huawei Mate X, even though it is limited by domestic sales only inside China. However, the company says that the phone has been selling at the rate of 100,000 units monthly since launch (November). The Mate x costs the equivalent of roughly $2,450 USD (at current exchange rates). If the numbers are accurate, the device has brought the equivalent of 500,000,000 dollars to Huawei

Going global

The Huawei Mate X folds outward, unlike the inward folding Samsung Galaxy Fold, featuring a 6.6 inch front screen and a 6.4 inch back screen. When both screens are opened, they form a nearly square eight inch AMOLED display.

Huawei is expected to introduce a refreshed version of the device the next month at MWX in Barcelona, which is supposed to also be available outside China, featuring Huawei Mobile Services that should replace Google Mobile Services.



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