The first Google Pixel phone will receive one final software update

Google’s Pixel line of smartphones was a real game changer back when it was launched as it combined performance, funky looks, reliability and affordability in one neat package.

However, just like every single piece of modern technology, smartphones require periodic updates in order to keep working properly, and Google provided them rigorously, until recently.

The bad news

Owners of the original Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL might receive an update this December, but there is a catch: it will be the last update ever released for their devices.

This is officially the first time Google discontinued one of their smartphones from the planned monthly updates. 

Currently, the Pixel is running on Android 10. However, discontinuing the updates was going to happen sooner or later because the original Pixel phone was launched way back in 2016. For humans, 3 years might not seem like a lot of time has passed, but in smartphone years… it feels like a lot more. 

The first hint towards the discontinuation of the updates for the original Pixel phone was the fact that it missed out on the security update issued on November, and frankly, many users stopped hoping for another update, so the December update is an unexpected surprise.

Google kept their promise

Even though there will be no more updates for the Google Pixel, we should appreciate the fact that Google not only kept their initial promise that they will release updates for two consecutive years, they managed to release updates for about 3 years, and this translated to an additional effort from their side to make sure that users are happy with their devices.

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