The Gameplay Images of GTA 6 Are Fake, and Here’s Why

Fans of Rockstar games are still waiting for any kind of news with regards to the next in line for the GTA series. Grand Theft Auto 6 is highly expected ever since Grand Theft Auto 5 was released – back in 2013. This is the longest time we had to wait between two GTA games, and there is still no news about the new game.

Many rumors claim that it will make its appearance in 2020. They also claim that it is going to be available only for PS5, but there’s no proof for any of these words.

But there are some recent gameplay images, which shows a bit of what GTA 6 will be. They appeared on Reddit. They were posted by two Reddit users – each with different two photos of the supposed gameplay.

Why are the photos fake?

YouTuber MrBossFTW saw the first two pictures. He found the police car from the photos as being a 3D police car model, that can be bought online. This means that those pictures don’t come from Rockstar. Apparently one of the pictures show an Airport from the new game, but the YouTuber said that it’s a fake thing, too. There are way too many light poles near the airport. This means that it is kind of hard for planes to take off or land on that airport. Also, the map from one of the pictures looked like a HUD from GTA 5, or it could be from Red Dead Redemption 2.

The YouTuber then looked at the second pair of photos, the ones with a character from inside a car. The image was quite blurry, on the road were some cars, and there’s even a hotel. After looking online for a bit, he found the real picture, which was taken outside Ocean View Hotel in South Beach Miami.

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