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The Google Pixel 4’s screen might pack the best display available on a phone


In today’s world, smartphones are an indispensable gadget. Many of us feel like time passes slower when we don’t use our devices, and tech giants know this, so they are doing their best to keep us as hooked up on smartphones as possible. With each new model, they try to bundle a specific feature that makes it stand out from the “crowd” and convince many people to buy it.

This is the case for Google’s Pixel 4, too, but for a very good reason.

About the display

Some of the Pixel’s selling points are the impressive camera performances and their amazing displays, which are believed to be the best displays ever put on an Android phone. Their color temperature is just about right, the accuracy is right on point, their state of the art gamma correction makes it even better as it puts to shame many high end handsets.

The display has a 90Hz refresh rate, which is a big plus for gaming and overall smoothness of the experience.

The only detail bringing down the score of the Pixel 4 is the brightness of the screen, but not by much, as the average value for the device’s brightness is around 450 nits.

To top it off, the display is based on OLED technology which results in very good viewing angles and an improved quality of the image, offering sharp shades of black.


Even though the display is 90Hz capable, it doesn’t always work in 90Hz mode, in order to try to improve battery life, which, however, seems to be disappointing. Those who consider buying a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL should keep these facts in mind.




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