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The Google Pixel 5 Could Struggle In A Saturated Market

Since the Android OS was revealed, many fans argued that a device made by Google would be able to compete with Apple’s iPhones on equal terms. It’s been five years since the first Pixel device was released by Google but the range is far from being a global hit.

Despite the arguments of fans who believed that the Pixel would take the market by storm thanks to premium specs and software features, Google hasn’t managed to make a big dent, especially since it has to compete with Samsung and Apple, who enjoyed a great head-start in the industry.

Lower price

The Pixel 5 comes with a $700 price tag, but it arrives on a market that is really competitive and over-saturated. Apple’s focus on the premium market has consolidated its popularity while affordable devices made by Chinese companies have become popular in recent years.

As millions of people have lost money due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of potential buyers who are winning to pay high prices for premium devices has declined, and Pixel 5 seems to offer a premium experience at a lower cost.

Trying to sell

While Google managed to sell 7.2 million devices in 2019, the number is considerably lower in comparison to the number of devices pushed by other manufacturers. Executives argued that the steep competition in the premium market was the culprit, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Despite glowing reviews and high benchmark results, Pixel devices lack the same fame that attracts millions of people to other smartphone brands. Google tried to add innovative features like radar gestures, but even those have failed to impress the audience.

A focus on the mid-range sector could help Google to sell more Pixel devices in the long run, with the Pixel  4A being sold for $349.



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