The GTA V PS5 Release Plan Proves That Rockstar Lost Its Soul

When people saw the Rockstar logo at the recent PS5 event, their hearts stopped for a moment, believing that Rockstar will announce GTA 6 or a remaster of one of its iconic titles, among which we can count Bully, the first Red Dead Redemption or even Midnight Club.

However, what they got was the fact that Rockstar is working on an enhanced version of GTA V for the the PS5 and that GTA Online, the multiplayer component that has lead to heated debates among players, will be available as a standalone for free.

More games in the past

Many gamers will remember that Rockstar Games used to release a large number of games in the past, both as a developer and a publisher. The next generation of consoles, which includes the Xbox, PS2, and Game Cube, saw the release of two Max Payne titles, Bully, Manhunt, The Warriors, and Read Revolver as well as three GTA titles: GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas.

Things slowed down when the seventh generation arrived, but GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption were hits while Midnight Club: Los Angeles, May Payne, and the surprisingly-good L.A. Noire developed by Team Bondy were well-received.

Two games and a focus on online content

GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 are the only titles released by Rockstar in the last seven years while they offer an enthralling single-player story mode and massive worlds, which include a lot of details it seems like Rockstar lost its soul.

The one factor that seems to have damaged Rockstar is the focus on the GTA Online and Red Dead Online. Fans of the GTA V and RDR 2 have begged Rockstar to release more single-player content. Still, the developer argued that the stories are complete, and there is nothing more to add. At the same time, the multiplayer components have evolved into live-service experiences accompanied by pricy micro-transactions.

Sadly, the focus on the online components is here to stay, alt least for the foreseeable future.

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