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The Intel Iris Xe Max Offers An Interesting Approach To GPUs

Intel may have been under fire in recent months, but the company has remained hard at work on a selection of interesting projects. The company has decided to reveal the Iris Xe Max, its first Xe discrete GPU, and it is impressive.

The Iris Xe Max is a dedicated version of the integrated GPUs that will accompany the 12th gen Intel processors, but its discrete version comes with a few perks, including a higher clock rate at 1650 MHz and 4GB of dedicated VRAM.

United in power

What makes the standalone Xe Max special is a featured called Deep Link. This feature allows the integrated GPU to handle some of the more minor tasks while the Xe Max can focus on the more difficult tasks. Deep Link is also optimized for power management as the both GPUs and the processor will receive an optimal amount of power.

According to Intel, the two GPUs can render an AI workload up to 7 times faster in comparison to the Nvidia MX350. The company also mentioned the use of Hyper Encode, which is also faster on the combined solution in comparison to an RTX 280 Super Max –Q card.

Good for light games

While the Deep Link future won’t be usable in the case of video games, the Xe Max will be able to handle old titles and indie games without too many issues, but modern games will run at 1080p only on low settings.

Three laptops that make use of the new GPU have been announced in the form of the Asus VivoBook TP470, Dell Inspiron 15 7000 2 in 1 and the Acer Swift X3. Dell’s laptop is already available in select markets.

Intel’s first discrete GPU will bring major benefits to ultrabooks, and a desktop-grade version will be released during the first six months of 2021.



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