The iPhone 12 Could Feature Lightning-Fast New Charging Technology

We have seen huge leaps in processing power, graphical performance, and camera quality on smartphones in recent years. Still, one of the all-time most desirable features for a smartphone is longer battery life, according to most users.

Making the most out of your phone can prove difficult when it keeps running out of juice, and that is why so many vendors in the market are working on making a significant change. 

Gallium Nitride Technology

Some reports show that Apple, Huawei, OPPO, and Samsung all intend to use gallium nitride technology for fast-charge systems. 

Even though Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology is similar to silicon, a GaN charger requires fewer components and is capable of withstanding higher voltages than silicon. Additionally, current flows through a GaN device quicker, meaning that such chargers perform significantly better than the more traditional silicon-based solutions in most conceivable ways.  


GaN technology is used in the new Xiaomi GaN USB Type-C 65W charger, which can charge the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro from 0% up to 100% in a mere 45 minutes. 

That kind of charger could potentially charge the iPhone 11 50% faster than the standard 5W charger that is shipped in the box.

GaN chargers are very compact, considering what they are capable of doing. Apple’s intense interest in GaN technology is a step in the right direction, a future that reduces charging time drastically. 

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