The iPhone 12’s Secret Apple Doesn’t Want You To Know

Reverse wireless charging was introduced first on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It lets phone users share some of their device’s charge with other devices that are low on power. The donor phone is placed front-side down, and the backside works like a wireless charging pad, so the recipient phone has to stay on top of the phone to begin charging.

Samsung introduced a similar feature called the Wireless PowerShare.

Though it is useful if you desperately need a few extra watts, it’s not so great for the donor phone because its battery life significantly declines over time.

Last year, speculations suggested that Apple would introduce the iPhone 11 Pro lineup feature, but that isn’t the case, unfortunately.

Tipster Sonny Dickson brought a bit of hope among iPhone fans by stating that he was told by “reliable sources” that the hardware needed for reverse wireless charging might have been observed on the iPhone 11 lineup, but Apple disabled it via software.

Therefore, iPhone users who want access to that feature hope that a future update would bring it back. What looked like a circuit board for reverse wireless charging was something entirely different as it turned out.

However, the iPhone 11 Pro has some traces of an embedded reverse wireless charging system, but it wasn’t complete.

Apple might have introduced some sort of reverse wireless charging to work with the new AirPods via the MagSafe magnetic wireless charging system.

Stay tuned to learn if Apple will enable the feature!

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