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The iPhone 9 will be the successor of the iPhone SE

Apple was very busy in 2019, but 2020 might be even busier for them, according to a DigiTimes report, which claims that the iPhone SE will be replaced by two new iPhone models, which will both be sold as “iPhone 9”. 

Previous leaks

The potential of an iPhone SE 2 was hinted and leaked for months now, but the fact that it will feature a similar design with the iPhone 8 puts a bit of reason on top of Apple’s decision to skip the number 9 from their lineup.

“Apple is likely to launch as many as six iPhone devices in 2020 – four OLED models and two LCD ones, according to sources at Taiwan’s handset supply chain,” the report reads.

How trustworthy is the report?

It’s notable that the only proof in the report is a claim from a Chipbond Technology insider. Chipbond Technology is a producer of LCD driver chips, who has recently received orders for two different LCD parts. This doesn’t necessarily imply that Apple is going to launch two versions of the iPhone 9 at once.

However, Ming-Chi Kuo, a very prolific Apple analyst stated last month that the “iPhone SE 2 Plus” is planned for 2021. This makes us think that the second LCD device mentioned in the report might be designated for the iPhone SE 2 Plus.

Nevertheless, if the report turns out to be true, it means that Apple will launch a total of six new models in 2020, which is simply… unprecedented in the American giant’s history. 



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