The Latest Windows 10 Update Packs Some Bugs

Microsoft has been hard at work on the May 2020 update, which is one of the two major Windows 10 updates that are released during the year. The rollout process for version 2004 started recently, and while there aren’t any problems related to stored files, it may be wiser to avoid the update for a while.

One of Window’s biggest weakness as an OS is the need to work well on an impressive amount of hardware combinations, especially since Microsoft argues that it is consumer-friendly to make it compatible with outdated hardware.

Trials and tribulations

Despite the noble goal of the company, it is virtually impossible to test the updates on millions of machines before they are released. However, some hardware tends to be encountered quite often, and some bugs are so noticeable that it is hard to believe that they were overlooked when the transition towards a stable release built took place.

Microsoft anticipated the fact that some users will encounter some issues after the update was released and decided to tackle the problem in advance, releasing a comprehensive list of known problems that can be consulted here.

Bugs on the priority list

Some of the problems experienced by the users appear to be related to incompatibility issues between older drivers released for dedicated graphics cards and the new Windows build, as with many users running into problems when older NVIDIA drivers are present on their machines. There are also some connectivity problems related to Realtek Bluetooth connectivity solutions.

A warning is also shown for select users who want to install the update on their machine, although it is not available for their machine at this point. The warning notes that the update is available for compatible devices, but more time is needed until it will be ready for the device on which the warning is being shown. Users are advised to wait until an official version of the update is released for their system.

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