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The LG Wings Offers A Surprising Take On Dual Screens

Recent rumors suggested that LG is working on a secret smartphone design that would impress the market, and it seems that they were right. LG Wing, as the device is known at this point, features a secondary screen with an exciting twist mechanic.

A video leak shared by a reputable source offers more information about the way in which the device will work, as it shows what appears to be the final prototype of the device. Given the finished state of the device shown in the video, a release date could be close.

Multiple positions

During the video, the Wing can be used in a regular portrait position with the secondary screen o the side, or with the screens positioned in a T-shape. At one point, a full-screen navigation app fills the main screen while the secondary one displays music controls and can be used to answer calls.

Another surprising details is the fact that there are no traces of a punch-hole camera on any of the two screens, which suggests that LG is also working on a more novel approach for the inclusion of a front camera.

Dual-display life

LG has been experimenting with dual screens since the LG V10 was released in 2015. In time the focus moved to dual-displays, wit the LG V60 and LG Velvet being the most recent devices which offer the option to connect a secondary screen.

In the case of the LG Wing, the secondary display, which is more than half the size of the main one, is flipped from the bottom of the main display. If LG manages to make both screens compatible with standard apps, the device will likely be a hit among people who enjoy multitasking but also want a smartphone-sized device.

More information could surface in the following weeks.



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