The Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Could Be Released Soon: Leaks, Rumors, and More


A new retailer listing for the long-rumored Mass Effect Trilogy seems much more substantial than before, hinting at an imminent launch. 

The Mass Effect Trilogy remaster could be brought sooner than anticipated if a series of odd posts on Twitter turns out to be accurate. The rumor comes from a leaked list of next pre-orders shared on the Internet, followed by someone who said they were able to pre-order the Mass Effect Trilogy remaster from a UK retailer, Game. 

While the pre-order seems legitimate, a launch event for the Mass Effect Trilogy highly questionable. Here is what you need to know. 

The Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Might Arrive Sooner Than We Thought

The news of a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster launch comes from Twitter user Haris Mohammad who linked an image of a list. The list includes names of next game titles, as well as their launch dates. 

On that list was a currently unannounced game dubbed N7, followed by Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered displayed in parentheses, with a September 29 release date. Unfortunately, there’s no listed source for the posted list, though some have said that it’s an internal-use-only one for Game retailers in the UK. 

Retailer listings for games are considered one of the least reliable sources of information on the Internet. However, it might shed some light in some cases. 

The same user who posted the list also tweeted a receipt, indicating that someone could go into a Game store and make the pre-order. The image of the receipt shows how that person even put down an advance of $5. If all these are true, and the receipt isn’t fake, that means the pre-orders are available in Game’s computer system. 

With a late September launch date, an announcement for the Mass Effect Trilogy would assumedly be inevitable. There are rumors about some events this month (August) from both Sony and Microsoft, and a Gamescom 2020 online event, as well, at the end of the month. There’s plenty of opportunity for a launch event, so Mass Effect fans will have to wait and see. 

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