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The Microsoft Surface Duo Could Arrive Soon

Microsoft surprised some fans in 2019 when it announced that its upcoming Surface Duo dual-screen device would run Android as an operating system, with many expecting a modified version of Windows. As the release date gets closer, the company has started to make some final steps.

One of the final tasks is to pass the compatibility test enforced by Google. Known under the name of the Android Compatibility Test Suite, the test ensures that devices that run Android can run apps that are created for the Android Execution Environment.

A mandatory trial

Industry sources have mentioned that Google imposes specific criteria that have to be fulfilled to pass the Compatibility Test Suite. It seems that Microsoft is quite keen on obtaining an Android 10 pass for the Surface Duo, a goal which infers that the launch of the anticipated device should take place soon.

The certification s viewed as a formality by many manufacturers but it plays a major role in the usability of the devices. Google will not grant access to Google Mobile Services unless the device in question has passed the compatibility tests.

Avoiding fragmentation

It can be argued that Microsoft seems to want to avoid complications, as the customized version of Android that was developed for the Surface Duo will not be fragment incarnation, as it the case with the Fire OS provided by Amazon. This is a major success for Google and the development of Android-powered devices with dual screens.

The Redmond giant has also made major contributions that ensure that Android will be able to support dual-screen devices, making valuable code open-source, which is major boon a for the popular OS. It is also impressive that the company was so quick to embrace Android instead of creating a closed operating system.

A long-standing partnership between Google and Microsoft could bring many benefits for customers of both companies in the future.



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