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The Most Massive Android “Tablet” In The World – Subwoofer And 98-Inch Screen

The ViewSonic IFP9850 has a 4K Ultra HD Display and is most likely one of the biggest monitors with a touchscreen available on the market.

It also works like a giant tablet with 20-point touch and a surface area approximately equal to four 50-inch regular TVs.

Target Customers

The device is primarily aimed at schools and businesses, but it might also work as an interactive multimedia content player for numerous audiences, like events, demonstrations, conferences, and so on.

Interactivity is the keyword when you describe the capabilities of the IFP9850. It has built-in myViewBoard annotation software and ViewBoard Cas streaming software, making real-time online/remote events a breeze.

It can also be used as display signage, interactive kiosk content, or just a very large panel, but that might not be exploiting its full potential.


The behemoth device packs two 10W speakers and a 15W subwoofer, as well as a Penta-core thin client that is based on Android 8 with 3GB of memory and 16GB of storage.

The product has a three-year limited warranty on parts, backlight, and labor. There’s also onsite warranty, for significantly less than an alternative 98-inch TV.

You also can upgrade the device in various ways – a display stand card (trolley), wireless module, and a slot-in PC.

The product is also convenient connectivity-wise. There are many I/Os – three audio ports, seven USB ports, a GbE LAN port, four HDMI slots, a VGA connector, and even an RS232 serial connector.

The display sits at 1.32 meters high; it weighs approximately 100 kilograms and uses 400W when powered on. It’s a true behemoth when it comes to power demands, but that was to be expected given its gargantuan sizes.

Still, owning such a colossal device must be entertaining.



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