The new Edge Chromium browser from Microsoft launches on macOS and Windows

It’s real! Microsoft has officially launched its new Edge Chromium web browser on both macOS and Windows alike. Here is a link to the download page for the browser! The release of the browser comes as a surprising reveal, especially because Microsoft revealed its plans to switch to Chromium a year before.

The latest stable release build is available for download right now! 

Who is it aiming for?

The new web browser was designed for enterprise users of Windows and macOS, but other kinds of users can download and install it manually, almost effortlessly. 

Microsoft is playing it safe by bringing the new browser gradually to certain groups of Windows 10 users. 

This version of Edge to OEMs was released today, so it’s expected to see systems start arriving in the back-to-school week with this upgraded version of Edge preinstalled.

Automatic update

Microsoft is working on introducing an automatic Windows 10 update that will replace the existing build-in browser of the operating system with the refreshed version.

The optimized Edge will be part of Windows 10X for foldable and even dual-screen devices. Unfortunately, there is no ARM64 version of Edge available at the moment but it’s believed that we are going to see the release of one very soon!

Is it better than Chrome?

To answer it quickly… it depends. The browser makes up in speed (thanks to an advanced level of optimization) what it lacks in gizmos, as it lacks features like Chrome’s history and extension sync. However, Microsoft is putting an effort into adding as many features as possible in order to make it the ultimate go-to browser for everybody.

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