The new Mac Pro will be available for order sooner than you might be thinking

The Apple brand has always been associated with creativity, progress and performance, and these core features were some of the company’s main selling points for decades now. Their products were always of superior quality, and one of their most representative devices  was the Mac, followed by its successors who continued the tradition. Now, as 2020 is just around the corner, so is the new Mac Pro, the ultimate system for professionals, or at least that is how Apple wants to market it as.

The Mac Pro has been teased for over a year now, and Apple has finally decided to unveil it at WWDC in June. The long wait is almost over and Apple’s vague “fall” release date milestone made the wait even harder.

Fortunately, Apple began sending out pre-pre-order notifications to possible customers (as Marques Brownlee pointed out), revealing that the pre-ordering service will be available from December 10.  However, it’s totally unknown when Apple will start shipping the new Mac Pro, so, for now, fans of the company have to count their blessings. 


The system’s base price is $5.999, and the additional Pro Display XDR monitor can be added (for the remarkable sum of $4.999). The questionably priced stand for the display is costs (an additional) $999. Nevertheless, pricing was never one of Apple’s selling points, and in the present case, their target customers are creative professionals.


Contrary to popular belief provoked by early rumors, Apple revealed back in September that their new Mac Pro will be built in the United States of America, just like its predecessor.

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