The New Microsoft Edge – Why It Might Turn Out To Be The Ultimate Browser

It’s likely that Microsoft’s performance of building a compact, Chrome-compatible browser and embed it into Windows 10 will turn out to be one of the best ideas of all time.

Let’s turn back time to 5 years ago. Do you remember opening Microsoft’s Edge Browser? You sure do, it was the ultimate tool for downloading Google Chrome or other browsers! That, or you clicked the browser’s icon by accident. 

All jokes aside, we are here to tell you why you might want to open Microsoft Edge again is to download the new Microsoft Edge.

The present state of the browser

Nobody expects to see many people rush to download the new Edge browser manually. However, it will soon become an integrated feature on new and existing Windows 10 PCs. This process began in January, and it’s slowly but steadily increasing the number of new browser users. 

The fun truth is that, once you try the new Edge, the chances are that you won’t want to switch back to Chrome ever again. 

This might seem like a very courageous statement, especially when you take a look at Edge’s modest 5 percent market share. However, after using it intensely for demonstration purposes, we found two reasons why Edge is superior: compatibility and convenience.

 Microsoft appears to have changed some aspects between the beta and the final version, including the removal of the “feedback” button, which used to be placed at the top right side of the browser’s window. 

The advantages of Edge

The newly refreshed logo of the Microsoft Edge browser doesn’t suggest the fact that it is based on Chromium instead of EdgeHTML.  

Edge packs all of the functionality that is specific to Chromium, including Chromium Web Store compatibility as well as Microsoft’s own administrated apps.

Edge feels fresh, clean, a lot like Chrome, perhaps a bit too much, because it’s still a bit heavy on CPU resources. 

Edge stands out from the crowd by being quick, responsive, while also retaining compatibility with the familiar Chrome experience. Extensions work in the way you’d expect them to. There is also an option to cast to an external device. 

Unlike Chrome, Edge is good to go as soon as you open it: Microsoft syncs information with your account permanently. If you have previously configured your Edge browser / Microsoft account, your preferences will be automatically set accordingly upon opening the browser. Using any other browser requires you to manually log in with your credentials and even enter a two-factor authentication in some cases, which is less convenient than Microsoft’s solution.


Microsoft has the annoying habit of politely “reminding” you of Bing whenever you search for “Google” in an Edge search box. Windows popped up reminders or ads (and sometimes “useful tips”) regarding their browser across various subsections of Windows. 

Microsoft probably chose such an evident approach to drive people away from downloading Chrome out of habit. 

Microsoft is desperately trying to convince you to give the new Edge a try. Once you do it, they save your data (that will be synced and ready for you at your next Windows installation) and hope that Edge’s fresh look and performance will drive you away from your initial plan of downloading Chrome (or whatever other browsers). 

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