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The next OnePlus phone will feature a 120Hz screen

It seems like the smartphone specifications war is not about resolution anymore, it’s about refresh rates!

Pete Lau, One Plus CEO spoke last week at CES and confirmed that the next major phones from the company (presumably the OnePlus 8) will feature screens that have a refresh rate of 120Hz. Lau went as far as proclaiming that their following flagship will pack “the best smartphone display in 2020”.


Even though it might all sound like propaganda so far, there are some serious facts to back everything up: OnePlus said that they worked with Samsung to develop the OLED screen and they even worked on the operating system to improve animations (especially including the base OS gestures) to result in a smoother experience at 120Hz.

OnePlus intends to use custom motion estimation / compensation technology to insert additional frames into videos so that they look flawless at 120Hz. It will probably work as a motion smoothing process. There is a slight chance that this will result in a so-called “soap opera effect” that might make some scenes look dull.

The display is claimed to hit up to 1000 nits peak brightness for HDR content. 

The provided photo

The photo that is attached comes straight from OnePlus but it doesn’t really provide too much information regarding the display, apart from indicating where the MEMC hardware chip will be placed. Upon a closer look, we can observe a pop-up camera mechanism. 



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