The Outer Worlds Available for Nintendo Switch with New Changes

Obsidian Entertainment is the developer of The Outer Worlds, the same developer who made Fallout New Vegas. Take-Two Interactive published the game, and its scores and reviews were excellent. The fans and the critics said that The Outer Worlds is a great game, and it has good ratings on Opencritic and Metacritic. We are talking about ratings of 82/00, 85/100, and 86/100. For PC, Xbox One, the score is 85/100.

The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch

We were saying previously that the publisher Take-Two Interactive is happy with the game. Even if we don’t have the exact numbers, the company’s chief executive, Strauss Zelnick, is saying that the game is performing better than they expected. Also, to praise even more the success of the game, The Outer Worlds was the most downloaded game in October on PlayStation.

Moreover, thanks to the financial report for Q2 2019 of Take-Two Interactive, we have some signs that The Outer Worlds will land next year on Nintendo Switch. From our estimations, we will see the game around March 2020. Until then, you can enjoy the game on the Xbox Game Pass for Xbox and PC.

Also, if you have Nintendo Switch and you don’t know about The Outer Worlds game, but you are curious, let us inform you. The Outer Worlds is an action role game with a first-person perspective. What you have to do when you start to play it is to create your character and unlock a ship. With this ship, you will travel to different places in the game. You are not controlling the ship directly, but it’s the central hub space of this game. In time you can recruit non-players characters with whom you can travel and can help you in combat.

To sum up, The Outer Worlds is an exciting game, and now the people who have a Nintendo Switch will have the joy to play it from 2020.

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