The PlayStation Plus Games For May Leaked

The upcoming PlayStation Plus games are scheduled to be released the next month. However, a series of leaks is already showing a couple of the features of the long-awaited launch. The leaks were published by Resetera, but they seem to have nothing to confirm them. No official declaration has been published until now. Every month, Sony offers to its PlayStation Plus subscribers two completely free games.

The leak states that the release in May will feature various titles such as Dying Light and Dark Souls: Remastered, displaying action-oriented titles with a zombie parkour storyline. Up until now, Sony has not posted the official titles that will be available for free for the PlayStation users.

The PlayStation Plus games for May

It is not the first time that the free titles are made available before the release date. For example, the March release brought titles such as Shadow of Colossus and Sonic Forces, confirming the rumors that surface the Internet. Additionally, April’s release revealed Uncharted four and DIRT Rally 2.0 for its fans. Nonetheless, taking the news with a pinch of salt is always an advisable thing to do.

Dying Light is presenting an incredible action game with zombies, coming directly from the creators of Dead Island. Even though the game was released a couple of years ago, it still gets exciting updates on a regular basis. Fans are rewarded with content new story missions, and the developing team is looking forward to creating a second game, the Dying Light 2, for the next generation of consoles that is scheduled to arrive this year.

Dark Souls: Remastered is a masterpiece proposed by the FromSoftware developers that are widely known for the Dark Souls brand that they have managed to create, inspiring many game developers worldwide to mimic the storyline and the gaming experience. In short, these might be the PlayStation Plus Games for May

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