The Pre-order Date For PS5 is Now Leaked: What to Expect

ps5 preorder

The PS5 pre-orders are said to go live on September 9, but no details about the price were revealed.

Pre-orders for Sony’s next-gen console might finally start next month (September), allowing PS fans to reserve the console before it launched around holidays. This information was posted on Twitter by popular tipster @IronManPS5, who doesn’t really have the most reliable track record.

However, given that the next-gen console is due to arrive by holiday 2020, it wouldn’t be wrong to see the pre-order event start in September. Here is what you should know. 

September Pre-orders and Possible Price Tags

According to the latest leak, the PS5 pre-orders might start on September 9, but we still don’t know how much Sony’s next-gen console will cost. However, previous leaks and rumors suggest a price tag of $450 to $500, which doesn’t make the console a cheap one. 

The price might not matter for some because the PS5 will pack sleek features such as 10.28 teraflops of graphical power and a superfast SSD to remove game loading times. The console will also arrive with an incredible 3D audio support and the new DualSense controller with a whole load of haptic features.

Sony will be able to find out how much people are willing to spend for its console if pre-orders do really start in the coming weeks. Microsoft should also unveil the price tag of its next-gen console, which is expected to undercut the PS5.

But, even if Sony will have the more expensive next-gen console, it could still win all the attention of gamers undecided about which console they might want by offering the best game series that comes with titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales. 

Time will surely tell us. And as both companies are involved in their little games, deciding not to reveal the price, the rivalry between them is the strongest. 

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